How well does your owl-ness or lark-ness match the wake

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Most of us at one time or another have experienced a change in schedule that has contributed to both sleep deprivation and an upsetting of our circadian rhythms. In this discussion we will explore the effects of such changes. After watching the video Rhythm and Snooze - Circadian Genes located at, respond to the following:

1. How were you affected the last time you experienced multiple instances of having to get up unusually early, stay up much later than you are accustomed to or experienced some other change in sleeping patterns?

2. Are you an "owl" or a "lark"? Have you always been owl-ish or lark-ish or were you different in prior periods of your life?

3. How well does your owl-ness or lark-ness match the wake/sleep schedule you are currently experiencing, which can vary widely between individuals and be governed by a number of daily life demands, from non-optional work shifts, to being a new parent with an infant not concerned with your desire to sleep through the night, to your choice of leisure activities? What do this week's readings tell you about the potential positive or negative impacts of your particular matching or non-matching wake/sleep schedule? How well do the impacts, for better or worse, suggested in the readings align with your actual experience (e.g. if you are a lark whose schedule requires you to work a late evening shift or an owl who has to rise very early to get children to school, do you find yourself running low on energy during times of the day or night when you normally don't or having trouble concentrating)?

400 word minimum. APA Format. NO PLAGARISM.

Reference no: EM131132447

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