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Identify three students who have different abilities that can be assessed in one of the following domains:

1. Cognitive/Academic
2. Social/Emotional
3. Language/Communication
4. Motor
5. Self-Help/Adaptive

For each of the three students, use at least 1 practicum hour for observation.

Create an informal assessment activity to prepare the students for one of the domains that is being taught. The activity should be an activity that would be implemented daily.

In 500-750 words, describe the following:

1. Instruction that is currently taking place.

2. Demographic information about the three students to be assessed. Include relevant information such as English language learner, special needs, gender, and age. Exclude specific names or other identifying information.

3. Informal assessment activity, include ancillary material.

4. Purpose of the informal assessment.

5. How well the child will do on the informal assessment activity, based on your knowledge of the student and his or her abilities.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources.

APA Format.

Students can be generically identfied for paper purposes. 3-5 resources.

Reference no: EM131365625

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