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I. ASSIGNMENT: Analyze how two sources from different, credible media outlets distinctly cover the same subject matter.

II. PURPOSE: This assignment is to help you recognize bias in sources, and observe how it may influence coverage of a particular topic. Additionally, this task will enhance your critical thinking skills and ability to apply analytical reasoning.

III. INSTRUCTIONS: Compare and contrast how two sources from different news outlets cover a shared topic, or story. Introduce both news outlets with concise background information about their respective genres (print, TV, internet, etc.), and perceptions of bias or neutrality. Briefly describe the common topic or story that both outlets cover, and provide context for its significance in the news. Include a thesis sentence that characterizes the distinction between how the sources cover the issue at hand. Conduct a point-by-point analysis that compares and contrasts aspects of each source, in support of your thesis. End your paper in a manner that relates to your thesis, and explains how the analysis poses questions related to truth, objectivity, or some other philosophical notion. Draw on our class discussions, readings, and written assignments to guide your writing. Do not use personal pronouns in your analysis. Include a list of References for both sources (do not include annotations).

IV. FORMAT AND LENGTH: APA, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Title Page, list of References, and 3 paragraphs total (roughly 1-1 ½ pages, not including title and reference pages).

V. GRADE: This assignment is worth 5% of your overall course grade. Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria.
• Ability to clearly:
- Analyze how two distinct sources cover the same story or topic;
- Recognize divergent or compatible approaches to coverage;
- Provide persuasive support for your analysis and conclusions; and
- Display knowledge and understanding of argumentation, logic, and bias.
• Organization and logical sequence of your writing.
• Correct use of the APA format (in-text citations and references).
• Grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling appropriate for an academic work.

Reference no: EM131408147

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