How to stop heroin deaths

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Project - New York Times Op-Ed Logos Analysis


For this paper, you will be analyzing the argument made in one of the following essays:

"How to Stop Heroin Deaths"

Your analysis will focus on the rhetorical strategy of the appeal to logos. That is, you will be analyzing the evidence and reasoning that the writer uses to support his/her/their main claim.

In your paper, make clear how and why the writer(s) has entered the conversation-what is the reason he/she/they has written about this problem and to whom is he/she/they writing (that is, who is the intended audience?)Then, articulate the main claim and explain the reasoning and evidence used to support that claim. Be sure to identify and discuss all the evidence used to support the reasoning of the argument. Also, be sure to consider the minor claims which support the main argument as appropriate. Finally, in a few paragraphs, explain whether or not this argument has persuaded you and why. Be sure this discussion includes differentiating between your views and the likely views of the intended audience for the piece.Keep in mind, you want to make sure that this part of the essay also demonstrates your comprehension of the argument overall. (In other words, consider the logic of your own response.)


Your purpose is to demonstrate your understanding of the rhetorical appeal to logos: how a rhetor (the person making the argument) uses evidence and reasoning to support his/her main claim.

Article - How to Stop Heroin Deaths by Robert S. Hoffman

Reference no: EM131428376

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