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You have been learning how to select research-based instructional strategies and design instructional materials to support literacy development. For this final project you will create a literacy unit comprised of four related lessons woven around a common theme.

Your lessons should incorporate the reading/writing connection we have learned about in this course, and should be woven around a unifying theme.

Your lesson plans must include accommodations for culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

The strategies and techniques you select for your lessons must be based on research and you must analyze each strategy for its empirical value; you may use any or all relevant materials you have created thus far in the course.


Create a Literacy Unit comprised of four related lessons incorporating the reading/writing connection and woven around a common theme. Include the following six components for each lesson:

The grade level being taught

The literacy skill(s) being taught

The literacy strategy/strategies being utilized

The lesson learning outcomes

The Procedures and steps to be used

An assessment or evaluation tool

Recommend appropriate research-based accommodations or adaptations for learners with diverse cultural and/or linguistic backgrounds. You should have at least two accommodations and/or adaptations for each lesson.

Analyze each of your research-based literacy strategies and techniques for their empirical value in supporting student learning. Describe the research that shows their empirical value.

Create a descriptive list of the materials you will use in the lessons. The description of the materials should be at least two to three sentences for each one. You may use any or all of the instructional materials you have created during our course.

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