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The Annotated Bibliography is designed to assist you with your Research Paper references, to teach you how to search for scholarly journal articles, and to give you practice using proper in-text citations.

For this assignment, you will be annotating 4 scholarly(peer-reviewed) journal articles. You will select 2 articles that support Behavioral Learning Theory in the research, and 2that support Cognitive Learning Theory.Choose articles that have been published within the last 10 years. It is recommended that you read and review the Research Paper: Final Submission Instructions at this point.

Your Annotated Bibliographymust have at least 150 wordsper summary foreach of the 4articles you selected.You willlistyour first reference, then a review of the article, then the next reference,then a review of that article, etc.This assignmentdoes not need to include a title page, abstract page, or reference page. However, each reference must be listed in current APA format before the 150-word review.

Eachannotationmustprovide a general summaryand also state a rationale as to why you chose to include it in your paper. You must paraphrase; do not include any direct quotes. Do not cite other sources outside of the article that you are reviewing.

If you need assistance finding scholarly journal articles, click here to learn how to navigate through Liberty's Online Library.

A grading rubric is provided to ensure you follow the assignment requirements.

Reference no: EM131066447

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