How to operate successfully in an international environment

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You are to form a group of 2-3 people to write your own case studies (7-9) pages and to write your own analysis (3-5) pages, in total no more than 14 pages excluding the title page and any attachments, such as figures, tables, annual reports, and references etc.

Your guiding question is "how to operate successfully in an international environment?" The first part will be a case study focusing on a strategic problem, for example, (1) "why go further? where are you going to locate your manufacture plant?" (2) How managers can assess effectively the often unfamiliar non-market environment in an international environment? (3) How do giant firms from emerging countries expand overseas? Any implication to FDI and government/industry policies? (4) How to govern a newly acquired foreign company? (5) How to divorce from a JV partner while minimizing the damage to your interests and reputation (6) how to deal with some ethical dilemmas? Note those are just examples -not an exhaustive list.



Reference no: EM13305794

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