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Question: Scenario 2: Your child comes home from school with an assignment sheet for a school project. He / she is very excited about the project and begins work immediately, doing research on the Internet and gathering materials. You read over the assignment sheet and notice that your child is not including all of the required items in the project, and you have some ideas for how to improve the quality of the presentation. You recently read an article in a parenting magazine about the importance of a child developing responsibility for his/ her own learning. You recall the many ways in which your parents took over your school projects. You, on the other hand, want to encourage your child's confidence in his / her ability to complete a project independently. The next day, you are at the grocery store when you see a parent of a student in your child's class. That parent has spent over $30 in supplies for the science project and is taking a day off of work to put the pieces of the project together.

Reference no: EM132184093

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