How to extract dna from anything living

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How to Extract DNA from Anything Living

• Read and review the information

• Write a lab report to contain the following

• Title - a specific and accurate representation of the report's results

• Abstract - a brief and concise summary of the research; a single paragraph that gives the experiment's objectives, experimental design, results, and conclusions

• Introduction - background information, questions answered, and/or the hypothesis; this should be several paragraphs in length. Some things you can include are

• The background of DNA; how it was discovered

• The role of DNA in the body

• The importance of DNA in genetic testing, criminal cases, etc.

• Think of this section as a mini report

• Materials and Methods - this should include all information necessary to repeat the experiment; it must be narrative in style

• Results - this should include the data and observations in narrative form and can be accompanied by tables, figures, graphs, etc.

• Discussion - an interpretation of results, did you get what you expected to get, why or why not, what would you do differently the next time, etc.

• Please label each section of your lab report

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Reference no: EM13794718

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