How to deal with individual team members performance

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Your new team for Health Care, Inc may consist of team members from different locations. Construct a plan that ensures a virtual team's performance will meet the team's goals.

Your plan should consider the following:

  • Time frame
  • Communication methods
  • Communication style
  • How to deal with individual team members performance
  • How to deal with a dysfunctional virtual team

I have attached additional information from what was previously submitted as a baseline

As part of your plan, create a communications skills evaluation process for team members. In other words, how would you evaluate each team member's communication skills?

Organization: Health Care Inc.

Employees: 15-20 thousand worldwide

Employee Occupations: Nurses, IT Specialist, Human Resources, Administration Staff, Management, Nursing Assistants (various levels & positions)

Goal of team: The business needs to expand to remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace. A team needs to be created to help the organization evaluate, justify, and propose ideas.

Business Module: Contract Nurses and Nursing Assistants to organizations worldwide.

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Reference no: EM131324986

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