How things might be added or deleted to the process

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Please watch the following video and post your thoughts to the discussion board about the pros and cons that Honda is using and an explanation about why. Also, add your thoughts about how things might be added or deleted to the process. Make sure to comment on 3 of your classmates suggestions and I will summarize my thoughts to your responses at the end of the week.

Reference no: EM131102484

Organizations have need for process improvement projects

Organizations have a need for a process improvement projects for their business. Frequently, once the project is approved and implemented it’s hard for managers to determine i

Characteristics we might consider to make effective team

There are twelve characteristics we might consider to make an effective team: Choose 3 of the above characteristics that you think are particularly important to the success of

Discussed risk identification for a medium or large project

We have discussed risk identification for a medium or large project, but what about small projects? What type of risk identification should we do with them? PLEASE USE YOUR OW

Using sales dollars as the measure of output

A retail store had sales of $33,500 in April and $68,500 in May. The store employs nine fulltime workers who work a 40 - hour week. In April the store also had six part-time w

Evaluate alphabets market entry decision

Evaluate Alphabet’s market entry decision through the following market characteristics. Should Alphabet pursue a single market entry or develop a secondary option? Why? How? H

Firms capacity can be limited by members of its supply chain

Performance or time targets for each major group of activities in a project are set during the planning phase of a project. In what way are projects and typical business activ

Evaluating the effectiveness of a particular method

In a two to three page paper, fully explore the perspectives on forecasting. Be sure to include in your discussion the various methods, their application and how you would g

Moral judgment on reasoning similar to case law

Which ethical lens bases its approach to moral judgment on reasoning similar to case law? What is the system of laws involving the obligations citizens claim on one another?


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