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In your MBA program you learned about how operations relates to business strategy and you learned how to manage business operations based on a global supply chain with diverse and geographically-dispersed suppliers and customers.
There are several ways to assess your company's performance in the simulation, including the following:

Cumulative Profit
Ending Market Share
Average ROS
Average Asset Turnover
Average ROA
Average ROE
Ending Stock Price
Ending Market Capitalization

For this assignment, discuss each of these eight performance measures in terms of what they measure and how they determine company performance. Then, relate them specifically to the company that you are working with by providing an example for each in regard to that company. Then, you will rank these in order of importance in terms of measuring performance and explain why they are ranked the way they are. Choose three measures to base company performance on, given your company in the simulation, and discuss why you chose these measures. Finally, you will choose your strategy for your company in this simulation, whether it is a differentiation strategy or a cost strategy.

Length: 3-5 pages not including title page and references

Please use at minimum of three outside scholarly sources for support. APA format.Eight Performance Measures

Provide 8 paragraphs in which you discuss the following for each: 1) What they measure, 2) How they determine company performance

Rank Order Eight Performance Measures

Rank the eight performance measures in order of importance of measuring performance in your opinion and explain why you ordered them that way

Three Measures to Monitor Company Performance

Choose three of the eight performance measures to monitor your company performance and explain why you chose the three

Strategy Company

Choose your strategy for your company in this simulation: differentiation strategy or cost strategy. Explain why you chose the strategy


List three references here in APA format.

Reference no: EM131074702

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