How these tricks and others can help expand your memory
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Question 1 - Explain how these tricks and others can help expand your memory.

Question 2 - Also discuss the storage differences between short and long term memory. Will a waiter remember an order after he has already filled it if you ask him/her? Is s/he more likely to remember it if it has not been filled?

Question 3 - Also, people with dementia may not be able to tell you what they just ate for breakfast but can tell you, in astonishing detail, about what it was like to fly in a bomber over Germany during WWII. Why do you think that is?

Question 4 - Ask someone OVER AGE 60 what they were doing on November 22, 1963 and see if they remember. If that does not stir any memory, tell them that was the day Kennedy was assassinated and see what they remember then (feel free to use another date from history, except for the more obvious ones like Dec. 7 or 9/11). What is going on with their memory processing here?

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