How these institutions are used in post-genocidal states

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At this stage of the research essay, the synthesis essay has allowed students to become familiar with a variety of opinions on their topic of interest. Now, again, in preparation for the final essay, students are required to take a position on their topic. Throughout the research process, students might find their position shift. It is especially important to allow students to explore different positions, and to be encouraged that this is often evidence of maturity in their critical thinking process. As they read, new ideas may take hold, new questions arise; thus, new positions are formed. Ask them to be active readers and to observe what persuades them as a reader and why.

Purpose: To argue your position on an issue raised in at least two of the articles we have read, showing how your position relates to those authors.

Audience: An academic audience that includes the authors of the readings and other interested in the issue upon which you are focusing.

Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: In class we have spoken about social institutions (family, education, economy, religion, etc...). Keeping these in mind, write a paper that states YOUR position in regards to which of these institutions is most responsible and/or effective at helping the remembrance of the genocide.

As a position paper, the sole purpose of the paper is for you to convince your audience of your argument while also addressing the opposing side.

A few questions to keep in mind when writing your paper could include:

Why is the institution of ______ best suited for helping the retention of memory? How? Why are other institutions not as effective?

You must provide specific examples as to how these institutions are used in post-genocidal states (for this, you will need to do outside research!).

Recommended Length: 4-5 pages. APA Format. Times New Roman, 12pt Font. At least 3 academic sources needed.

You must submit via LiveText.

(ie: Woman in Gold painting)
Deviance and Social Control (The Law)
The Family

Please try to use books that are commonly found in United States Libraries ie: ProQuest Central,, Academic search complete, ebrary, business source complete.

I would like the paper checked for plagiarism when completed.

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Reference no: EM13882386

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