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Question: Advanced registered nurses work in highly collaborative environments and must collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in order to provide excellent patient care. Besides knowing the role and scope of one's own practice, it is essential to understand the role and scope of other nurse specialties to ensure effective collaboration among nurses, the organization, and other professionals with whom advanced registered nurses regularly interact.

Use the "Nursing Roles Graphic Organizer Template" to differentiate how advanced registered nurse roles relate to and collaborate with different areas of nursing practice. Compare your future role with one of the following: nurse educator; nurse leader; family nurse practitioner; acute care nurse practitioner; graduate nurse with an emphasis/specialty in public health, health care administration, business, or informatics; clinical nurse specialist; doctor of nursing practice. Indicate in the appropriate columns on the template which roles you are comparing.

Make sure to compare the following areas of practice in your graphic organizer:

1. Ethics

2. Education

3. Leadership

4. Public Health

5. Health Care Administration

6. Informatics

7. Business/Finance

8. Specialty (e.g., Family, Acute Care)

Include any regulatory bodies or certification agencies that provide guidance or parameters on how these roles incorporate concepts into practice.

You are required to cite three to five sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

Information related to above question is enclosed below:

Attachment:- Template.rar

Reference no: EM132183710

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