How the public sector is influenced by the economic

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Assessment: Public Management Case Study

Choose any one of these topics:

Centralisation & decentralization

Public Service and Politicians

Accountability and Management of Performance

Managing Public Finance & Ethics and Values

o Addresses learning outcome(s):

- On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Compare and contrast the theories, principles and concepts underpinning models of public management, and evaluate the practical implications of applying different models;
- 2. Evaluate how the public sector is influenced by the economic and political environment in Australian and internationally;
- 3. Demonstrate the relevance of the agendas and processes involved in the reform of Australian and overseas public sectors; and
- 4. Critically analyse the core issues in public management and how they affect relationships, values and practice in the public sector.

In accordance with Assessment 2a -Public Management Case Study, the same case study should be analysed in this assessment.

Students will prepare a case study of 1200 word (plus or minus 120 words). The case will set out key problems or issues in the case based on one or more of the themes on public management explored in this unit. Students are expected to undertake independent research to explore their topic and explain how the problems or issues identified contribute to better understanding public management as an area of practice. Papers are expected to be theoretically informed.

The minimum font size should be 12, double-spaced, pages should be numbered and any diagrams, illustration or tables included should be suitably labelled and referenced. Your case response may include sub-headings. A list of references used and cited in your response is a requirement for each paper and Harvard-style author date referencing should be used.

Identification of a topic that is focused and appropriate for this assessment item

Clear statement of intent and how this will be applied

Application of concepts and theories as explored in the unit

Evidence of relevant reading and research, and effective use of a range of academic sources

Clarity of expression including formatting, spelling, punctuation and grammar

Accurate use of required referencing system

Reference no: EM131438405

Discuss the pros and cons of using each response style

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