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Question: Based on your last paper, (leaving the military to become a stay at home mother)create a change-management plan. Put yourself in the position of a consultant making recommendations to the CEO of the organization.

Present your recommendations in a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides. State how the organization can be better prepared to meet the needs and challenges of the future. Defend your argument.

Your presentation should include the following (at a minimum):

1) an evaluation of the current situation (current culture) I will send additional information.

2) an analysis of how the culture should change in order to better address the needs of the future (be specific!)

3) recommendations for change, with specific strategies that need to be adopted by the leadership, including how to communicate the changes and how to respond to resistance to change (Keep your recommendations to two or three, otherwise it becomes overwhelming)

4) justification and support for the recommended changes, based on both your own observations and the literature (at least three sources)

Reference no: EM132184738

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