How the organisations or topic capitalise on London
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Assignment - Business Report

Students will produce an individual written report that demonstrates original research in their chosen area. They will choose organisations or topics that are related to the module. The report would include further research into the organisations or topic and include ideas about how the organisations or topic capitalise on London as a global city of business and enterprise.

Note that it is a minimum 1,500 word report and it can be longer to allow for graphics, charts, diagrams, additional relevant information.

Address any types of questions about the organisation or topic: Think about the what, why, where, who, when, how and so on.

Examples of topics could be:

  • Infrastructure, Education, Leisure
  • Hotels, Sport, Population
  • History, Finance, Technology or any other

Or choose an organisation or company and explore how they make use of London

  • Marketing, Sales
  • Funding. Operations
  • Research, Development or others

Report maybe something like this -

1. Introduction

2. Background research on the organisation or issue

3. How the organisation or issue uses London for business and enterprise

4. Conclusion

5. Recommendations

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    Note that it is a minimum 1,500 word report and it can be longer to allow for graphics, charts, diagrams, additional relevant information. The aim of this assignment is to give you a chance to focus on a particular organisation or topic. Each report is not expected to be conclusive but more of an exploration that will help highlight issues of interest. The contents can be expected to vary according to the type of organisation or topic pursued.

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