How the nature of the stakeholders defined fora legislative

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Case Study- Internal Expertise Power: Expanding Newborn Screening in Arkansas by Ralph Vogel


1. This case is a good example of how the stakeholders adapted as the intended policy change moved from internal adoption of policy to legislation and back to internal adoption of policy within an existing organization. Can you see how the nature of the stakeholders defined fora legislative change is different from stakeholders for adaptation of existing policy?

2. The initial group involved in this process was established primarily as an informational group, but it was modified to advocate change. How did the group evolve to influence policy differently? If the initial group had been more broadly defined at the start, would it have made the same mistake about requiring legislative change to adopt the policy? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13884224

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Case study on legal studies and ethics

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Explain the logic that supported the courts decision

Show your Analysis and Reasoning and make it clear you understand the material. Be sure to incorporate the concepts of the chapter we are studying to show your reasoning - s


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