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Question: Individual Assignment #2 (15%)

Diversity in Action

Submit a 2000 to 2500 word paper by researching two prominent global organizations from any industry (hotels, manufacturing, etc.). Compare and contrast how these two organizations respond to growing changes in cultural diversity in personnel, client base, and/or location. This assignment would require you having a look at what programs, policies, and beliefs they hold about integrating diverse skills and experience into their organization. Potential things to consider:

• Prayer space if needed

• Gender issues

• Resolving conflict

• Discrimination

• Language

• Clothing/uniform requirements

• Holidays

Reference no: EM132235107

Evaluate credibility of the information presented on website

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The average employee assigned to the concession stand

The manager must be able to solve problems, communicate, and lead teams toward the completion of a task. You are the manager of the northern branch of the Laurel City bowling


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