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Question: ISO-someone who is knows Economics inside and out. I need a 2-3 page paper. It must analyse how the economy is doing. It should come from the perspective of a consultant and provide economic research using 2-3 data indicators/points. Find two relevant economic data indicators (ex of unemployment rates, inflation rate, employment rate, GDP, producer price index) that are relevant to the industry chosen. Use them to evaluate how the industry is going to be in the next 6 months given the economic data, and forecast that you have evaluated. you will be consulting with the CEO to give him your predictions and what he should plan on doing in his job given the current economic situation. Make sure that you are clear and concise with the data indicator that you selected and why you selected it. You will need to make sure to focus on how the data indicator will focus on the industry that you selected and the decisions that businesses will be facing in the upcoming months with your advice. You must also use APA format in your paper as part of the requirement. With your APA formatting, I will be focused on your running header, title page, reference page, and in-text citations.

Your task for this assignment is to find an article on any macroeconomic topic. You are required to find an article that is relevant to macroeconomics and make an argument in your analysis using appropriate economic terminology. Make sure you are referencing all appropriate sources in APA format. All sources have to be academic related as wilkipedia and investopedia are not academic related sources.

Reference no: EM132184006

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