How the crack epidemic is ravaging the black community

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2.The ____________________is a structure that visually symbolizes how the crack epidemic is ravaging the black community in Harlem in the film, "Jungle Fever." It is an example of Spike Lee's style of postomdern pastiche, in which Lee flashes satiric images of modern society.


3.Like Larsen, Spike Lee shows the complex intersection of _______________________with the problematic position of the black middle bourgoisie that is both upwardly mobile and yet surrounded by racism, black poverty and drug addiction

4.The film shows that the__________________________ actually exists within the "core" -immigrants inhabit an underworld that exploits them IN LONDON-not only in their home countries


5.    In 1898, as a consequence of the Spanish-American war, the U.S. gained possession of________________, which in 1917 became an "unincorporated territory" of the U.S.


6.Asian male characters, while they defy the stereotype of the submissive Asian, are symbols of ________________________________________________ who find empowerment through the exploitation of Third World Women, symbolized in Wai-Tung's exploitation of Wei-Wei as a landlord.


7.Laura Mulvey explains the concept of________________________as the pleasure that is gained by a viewing audience by watching actions unobserved. This concept is also gendered since films often frame women as possessions and objects of the audience's gaze.


8.________________________is a term that is used to describe, for example, how white actors wore dark make up and used exaggerated gestures to play the Latino/a roles in "West Side Story"


10."West Side Story" uses a technique of____________________ by dressing the Jets in light blues and beige and the Sharks in dark browns and black colors. In contrast, Maria is the "exception" and is dressed most famously in white


11."Dirty, Pretty Things" can be seen as participating in the ______________________ film genre: it invokes a criminal underworld that is linked to global capitalism

Reference no: EM13828081

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