How the course materials has affected your thought processes

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Question: Part A: 1. Minimum of a 400 word literature review on Team Leadership and Decision Making

2. Using the nomenclature, theories, principles and practices presented this week by Northouse and/or other recommended articles, discuss a team experience you have had at some point in your career. What happened - positive or negative - from a theoretical point of view?

Part B: 1. Final submission of the Leadership Literature Review using

2. Reflective and applied statement describing how the course materials has affected your thought processes, development, and professional disposition. This statement should reflect your personal learning process (challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, and interactions). Ideally, you will use these reflections throughout the program to document your development as a scholar, practitioner, and leader, and to reflect critically on the changes that occur during this process.

Reference no: EM132281025

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