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Question: PROMPT: In 1991 the American with Disabilities Act was implemented across the United States. Deaf individuals do not consider themselves disabled; however, they benefit from legislations created to end discrimination against disabled people. Discuss in detail how these conflicting beliefs can lead to feelings of empowerment and equality among the American Deaf community, while at the same time further imbed within mainstream society attitudes of paternalism and audism towards the American Deaf community?

PURPOSE: To apply information learned from the course to an analysis of how one can be ethical responsibility in their understanding and interactions with Deaf who are seen as both disabled and different.

STUDENTS WILL: Write a 1,600-word (four-page, when appropriately formatted) APA style paper.

In your paper you must discuss the following issues as you try to explain how being labeled "disabled" is both beneficial and detrimental for the Deaf community:

• What is ADA?

• How the American Deaf community benefits from the ADA?

• Explain empowerment as it applies to the American Deaf Community.

• Explain "audism" and how it affects the Deaf.

• Explain the conflicts that arise within the American Deaf Community from being seen as both a distinct culture, a linguistic minority, and a disabled group.


1. College essays are always set up as

• an introduction, with a clear thesis statement providing your reader(s) a summary of the content,

• a body, systematically elaborating on thesis statement, and

• a conclusion reviewing and discussing the main points of your thesis statement as discussed in the body.

2. In your body paragraphs, you will be using source materials. You must make it absolutely clear to the reader which material you wrote and which material you obtained from other sources. To do this, you must utilize formal APA citations.


1. With the exception of journals and reflection papers, college-level writing should be written in the first-person perspective. That is, avoid using statements including "I" and "me"

2. For your references, you must use the movie and your course text. You may also utilize other credible books, websites, and journals.

3. All of your references must be appropriately cited using in-text citations with a corresponding work cited page at the end of the paper.

• For more information on this, please review the APA Citation Style Guide and the syllabus section re: academic integrity.

• Please keep in mind, papers failing to appropriately cite sources will earn a score of zero.

4. This is a college-level writing course, not an English course. This means that:

• you must utilize college-level writing to express your thoughts and ideas in a way that demonstrates your understanding and learning of the course material,

• your instructor may not provide feedback on your writing mechanics; college-level writing is expected,

• if you are unsure that your writing assignment meets college-level writing requirements, or have received a less-than-desireable score in the area of style or mechanics, you're highly encouraged to request review o f your work by the writing center.

Reference no: EM132184126

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