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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the transcript Seven Day of Rage: The Craigslist Killer from CBS News and review Chapter 7 from the Harré (2006) e-book as well as the Maslow (1943), Freud (1910), and Bandura (1999) articles.

In this discussion you will assume the role of a Psychology instructor creating a short graduate level presentation on personality. The case study for the presentation will center on Phillip Markoff, also known as an alleged Craigslist Killer. To begin, choose one of the personality theories from the required readings and research a minimum of one peer-reviewed article on your chosen theory in the Ashford University Library. Create a PowerPoint presentation of four-seven slides (not including the title and reference slides). The presentation must begin with a Title slide that provides the title of the lecture, your name, the course name and number, your instructor's name and the date submitted. The presentation must end with a Reference slide that includes all the resources used for your lecture presentation cited in APA format

The body of the presentation must include the following elements.

Provide a definition and brief description of the chosen theory.

Evaluate Phillip Markoff's personality from the standpoint of your chosen theory.

Explain how the chosen theoretical perspective provides insights into Markoff's behavior.

For assistance in creating effective PowerPoint presentations you may access Garr Reynolds's Top Ten Slide Tips . Be certain to support your statements within the presentation with a minimum of three references. These may include up to two required resources for this week.

Once you have created your PowerPoint, you will present your lecture in a screencast. You may use any screencasting software you choose. (Quick-start guides are available forScreenr , Screen-Cast-O-Matic for your convenience.) It is recommended that you create a script for, and practicing your lecture presentation before recording it as you will be limited to a screencast of no more than five minutes. Although you are required to include the Title and Reference slides in the presentation, you should not read these slides during the screencast.

Reference no: EM13853157

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