How tall is the skyscraper

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show that for isothermal atmosphere P2/P1 = e^-(g/RT)(x2-x1). The pressure at the base of a skyscraper is 14.7 psi and at the top of the skyscraper is 14.4 psia. the temperature is constant at 70 F i.e. isothermal atmosphere. How tall is the skyscraper?

Reference no: EM131224226

Determine the final temperature and the phase of the system

1 kg of liquid water, initially at 40 °C, 2 bar, is heated under constant pressure. If the amount of heat added is 1200 kJ, determine the final temperature and the phase of

Calculate the molar composition of the product stream

A process to produce 1000 kgmol/h acetaldehyde, ethane is fed to the reactor at 1500 kgmol/h and the fractional conversion is 0.8. The product stream contains 2 mol% CO2. Calc

General expression for the eigenvalues of a 2 × 2 matrix

Obtain a general expression for the eigenvalues of a 2 × 2 matrix, and use it to characterize the equilibrium points of the second-order system with the given state matrix

Calculate the temperature at the end of the compression

Nitrogen is compressed adiabatically in a closed system from initial pressure P1 = 1 bar, T1 = 5 °C to P2 = 5 bar. Due to irreversibilities there is an entropy generat

Calculate the amount of work

Steam in a closed system is compressed by reversible isothermal process in a heat bath at 250 °C, starting from an initial pressure of 15 bar. During the process, the steam

What is the quality of the steam in its initial state

Wet steam at 1 100 kPa expands at constant enthalpy (as in a throttling process) to 101.325 kPa, where its temperature is 378.15 K (105°C). What is the quality of the steam

What is the temperature of the intermediate solution

The following liquids, all at atmospheric pressure and 322.15 K (49"C), are mixed: 11.3 kg of pure water, 40 kg of pure sulfuric acid, and 34 kg of 25 mass-% sulfuric acid.

Heat transfer area of the jacket required

HEAT TRANSFER PROBLEM NO 2O- The hot fluid flows through a well mixed stirred tank which is provided with a cooling jacket . the fluid in cooling jacket can also be assumed


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