How symptom control may affect Mrs kapoor and her family
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Chosen principle with brief explanation (200 WORDS).

Chosen care need from the vignette, with an explanation on how this may affect mrs kapoor and her family. (400 WORDS).

Demonstrate how your chosen principle could be applied in order to support Mrs Kapoor and her family in relation to the care need identified. (650 words).

Note - Chosen principle is the interdisciplinary approach and care need is symptom control. Please merge the interdisciplinary approach and symptom control together in the last section. And follow the given 5 questions.

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    Total words: 1250. My principle for the assignment is interdisciplinary approach and care need is pain control Please don’t write the same thing for us. I have attached my assignment to this email. My chosen principle is the interdisciplinary approach and my care need is symptom control. I have sent you samples of people work, please don't copy the same thing. i have also given you Mrs. Kapoors story. Please merge the interdisciplinary approach and symptom control together in the last section. And follow the 5 questions I have given you.

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