How social media is affecting basic human social skills

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Question: How social media is affecting basic human social skills

Find three public websites that address the question, and record the following details in a word document:

• a permanent URL

• the date you accessed the site

• the date the content was written

• the name of the author

Find an informative graphic or video related to the question. On the word report, record:

• a permanent URL of the context in which the media was found

• the date you accessed the resource

• the date the resource was created

• the name of the author and copyright holder

For each of the research materials found above, answer these three questions:

1. How did the author collect the information for this resource? (e.g. interviews, original research, personal experience, cited sources)

2. What is the author's agenda? (e.g. to convince, persuade, warn, hype, sell)

3. What other biases might the author have about this material? (i.e. are they motivated to present the information in a particular light?)

Reference no: EM132183953

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