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assume the following sitution

You are a member of a group of approximately 100 foreign exchange students retumung Asia. There are about the same number of men and women. None of you are related or married. Most of you do not know more than one or two people in the group somewhere over the Pacific your plane begins to lose altitude, wanders far off course and crash lands on a small island.

The pilots and navigator die in the crash and all radio equipment Is destroyed. All of you survive without serious injures. There is no way of knowing how near you are to civilization and after two months, there have been no sightings of airplanes or ships.

The island is by humans but there abundant natural resources: fish in surrounding waters, fresh water on the island, fruit, fertile soil, wood, wildlife.

You all agree that it is very unlikely that you will be discovered or rescued. Many of you would have great difficulty surviving on your own. The group agrees that it is necessary to devise a long-term plan of survival.

Your task: as a member of this group, you must first answer (on your own) the following questions and then discuss your answers with your group: Each group must attempt to reach a consensus on what to do for each problem presented. Each group should select One member to record the group's decisions and another member to report to the class.please record your answers on a separate sheet of paper

1. How should your society be organized to ensure survival? List the four or five most important goals of your society besides survival.

2.What form of political organization is best for your society? In answering these questions, respond to the points below and list other matter you think are important.

(a) Who should make decisions? Why?

(b) How should decisions be made? Explain.

What are the four of five most important purposes of your political organization?

(d) Is there a a need for a legal system? Why or why not? If yes, describe the legal system. How are disputes resolved? List the five most important laws and the punishments for violating them.

Reference no: EM13975712

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