How prior research does or does not support your hypothesis

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Question: Project: Introduction, Literature Review, and Methods Section

Turn in the proposed methods section for your research paper as well as your introduction and literature review.

The introduction and literature review should address your research question: why it is important, and how prior research does or does not support your hypothesis, as well as providing a background on what we know about this topic.

Please refer to the material on the components of a research paper provided in Module 1 as you work on this document.

Your methods section, in addition to covering the subheadings of participants, instruments, and procedure, must include a fourth subheading called ethical issues and note any ethical issues that need to be considered, as well as how they would be handled.

Be sure to include a title/cover page and a reference page formatted in APA style.

Submit your response to the M4:Your response should be at least four pages, double spaced, long. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources. Confirm the latest edition number with your instructor.

With clarity and good writing style and grammar, you presented your proposed methods section for your research paper.

ethical issues and how they would be handled

You submitted an introduction and literature review that included a research question, a statement regarding the importance of the research topic, background information and a review of the literature regarding the topic, and a proposed hypotheses.

You wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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Reference no: EM13906716

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