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The US navy long proposed the construction of extremely low frequency (ELF WAVES) communications systems. such waves could penetrate the ocens to reach distant submarines. calculate the length of a querter wavelength antenna for a transmitter generating ELF waves of frequency 75 Hz. how practicle is this antenna?

Reference no: EM13564190

Uranium atom is ionized seven times-losing seven electron

A uranium atom is ionized seven times, losing seven electrons inthe process. Its resulting mass is 3.90×10−25 kgand it is given a kinetic energy of 3000 eV. If it circles ina

What angle should the normal to the surface of the mirror

In an experiment designed to measure the speed of light, a laser is aimed at a mirror that is 47.0 kmdue north. A detector is placed 120 m due east of the laser. The mirror

Estimate how tall is the final image of the object

A 2.05 cm tall object is placed 30.0 cm to the left of aconverging lens with a focal length f1 =18.9 cm. A diverging lens, with afocal length f2 = -41.5 cm, How tall is the

Direction of the bullets motion

An electrically charged bullet of mass 0.010 kg leaves thebarrel of a gun traveling parallel to the ground and perpendicularto the Earth's magnetic field at 1.400e+3 m/s. In

A spherical mirror is polished on both sides

A spherical mirror is polished on both sides. when you use aconvex mirror the magnification is +1/6. What is the magnification when used as a concave mirror the object remaini

Two ac generators supply the same voltage

Two ac generators supply the same voltage. However, the firstgenerator has a frequency of 1.5 kHz, and the second has afrequency of 6.4 kHz. When an inductor isconnected acr

What is magnitude of the field used for the electron

A proton is projected perpendicularly into  a magnetic field that has a magnitude of 0.50 T . The field is then adjusted so that an electron will follow a circular path of the

Calculate the observed frequency in each of the three cases

The drawing shows three situations — A, B, and C — inwhich an observer and a source of electromagnetic waves are movingalong the same line. In each case the source emits a w


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