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Case Study Analysis: New Kind of Structure

Read and respond to a case study to demonstrate your understanding of, and ability to apply, the concepts of organizational design and culture.

Review a case study of Pfizer in the 9th edition of the course textbook.

Write an integrated essay that addresses the following items:

1. Describe and evaluate how Pfizer is allowing employees to be more productive with its PfizerWorks.

2. Analyze an organization for which you work, or are familiar with, by considering the structural implications-good and bad-that the PfizerWorks approach would have in the specifics of productivity. (Think in terms of the six organizational design elements.)

3. Compare this arrangement with other types of organizations (including nonprofit, volunteer, etc.) and whether this structure would work.

4. Discuss the global aspect of adapting a structure similar to Pfizer and how the culture of the organization may, or may not, be impacted.

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

• 3-4 pages in length
• Formatted according to APA Requirements
• Contain a minimum of two scholarly sources.

Attachment:- Case Syudy.pdf

Reference no: EM131318345

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