How multivariate analysis might be used in recruitment

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Research Paper


Length: Maximum of 10 pages (5,000 words) and 10 minutes (Presentation)

This is a group assignment with specific individual components.

Groups choose from the list of topics that are based on the lectures. However, in this assignment you must do better than recycle the lecture. You are to research your topic in more depth providing evidence of independent research. The set of topics will be provided from which your group must choose on a ‘first-come, first-served basis'.

Note that each topic has a group component to which each group member must contribute. However there are also specific individual components which have been defined.

• You will deliver your research topic findings in a presentation at any time during the trimester. The presentation is primarily assessed on presentation technique. Your tutor will make suggestions on improving the academic quality of your assignment.

• You may improve the quality of the assignment for the written report at any time up until submission date at the end of the semester. It is at this point that the academic quality of your research is assessed.

Cross Cultural Teams: People Issues in Global Business

General Framework

Discuss the challenges in recruiting and effectively managing cross cultural teams.

Individual Components

1. From the work of Hofstede and others, identify issues likely to face the expatriate manager.

2. Discuss the skills and abilities which have been identified in successful international managers.

3. Demonstrate how multivariate analysis might be used in recruitment of international managers.

4. Discuss acculturation issues in expatriation and repatriation of international managers.

Reference no: EM13835781

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