How much will the gonzales first royalty payment be

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Peter and Ann Gibson want to save enough money so that in five years they can purchase a cleaning service franchise. How much will they need to save each year if the franchise fee is $19,500 and startup costs are $15,200? (Do not consider interest earned on savings when calculating your answer.) If the company earns $24,700 in profits the first year, and the royalty fee is 6 percent, how much will the Gonzales’ first royalty payment be?

Reference no: EM131414708

Sole proprietorship or a partnership

What extra expenses could you expect to pay when operating a franchise as compared to operating a non-franchised company? Could you save money in expenses by operating a franc

Calculate the total expenditures for the first year

You have purchased a car wash franchise. The franchise fee was $20,000. You must pay 6 percent of your earnings in royalty fees. In your first year, you paid $10,000 for equip

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Class, rather than continue the discussion of Risk Management, I would like to start this thread by discussing an important PM tool, the Work Breakdown Structure, (WBS). This

Outline the agenda and describe your plan

You purchased a company that makes and sells fine chocolates. You have a staff of 20 employees. As the new owner, you have noticed a lot of wasted product. You believe that so

The first step in producing a risk management plan

Class, the first step in producing a risk management plan, at the project level, is risk identification. A major problem is overlooking risks at this stage. Can you think of a

Discuss the cost effectiveness and dependability

Discuss the cost effectiveness and dependability of those forward logistics components that could also be utilized in reverse logistics. In other words, what aspects of a forw

Describe an instance of green reverse logistics

Describe an instance of green reverse logistics that you have personally observed or been a part of. If you have no experiences that you can recall, then describe some of the

Which elements will require extensive research

You want to open a retail auto parts store. Your business plan will be aimed at lenders and suppliers. Which elements of the business plan will be of most interest to them? Wh


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