How much will her employer put into her account this year

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Danielle puts 8 percent of her paycheck in a 401(k) plan administered by her employer. Danielle earns $55,000 per year and is in the 28 percent tax category. What annual tax savings does she get from her contribution? If her employer matches contributions on the first 5% of her salary dollar for dollar and the second 5% 50 cents on the dollar, how much will her employer put into her account this year?

Reference no: EM13290484

Record the present-value factor at 10%

Using the appropriate table from the Chapter 12 Appendices, record the present-value factor at 10% for each year and compute the present-value cost of owning and the present v

What is the price per share

The balance sheets of Roop Industries are shown below. The 12/31/2004 value of operations is $651 million and there are 10 million shares of common equity. What is the price p

In which year is the investment recouped

Project X has a cost of $230,000 and provides the following annual earnings: year 1 $35,000; year 2 $140,000; year 3 $175,000; and year 4 $50,000. Under the payback method,

Determine the floatation cost of funds raised

Lewis Morris Crew spends $350,000 in bureaucratic expenses in their IPO. The underwriter sells three million shares at an offer price of $9.63, charging Lewis Morris Crew fift

How does enron rise and collapse illustrate this proposition

As explained in previous lessons, all Bubbles start for a logical reason but when they collapse scams and scandals are often exposed. How does Enron's rise and collapse illu

Find percent of the population registered to vote

If during an election there were 6372 listed voters & 3560 listed voters voted, what percentage of the listed voters actually cast a vote.

Make a cash budget

The Sharpe company's projected sales for the first eight months of 2004 Sharpe purchases its raw materials 2 months in advance of its sales equal to 60 percent of their final

What apr did you receive, if the interest was compounded

You make monthly payments on your mortgage. It has a quoted APR of 5% (monthly compounding). What percentage of the outstanding principal do you pay in interest each month?


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