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Midterm Essay Question:

As a student of human resource management in criminal justice organizations, you have studied the potential effects and cost associations of section 1983 Liability lawsuits arising out of the violation of certain protected Civil Rights. Many times such civil liability risks can be handled with confidence gained through well-informed personnel who have been well trained in the topic. The author of the article you are to read for this essay provides a well-versed paper on the basics of Section 1983 Liability. This article is 8 pages with 29 additional informational pages. Please use accordingly to properly prepare a full and adequate response. This is a policy issue that will have long-term effects on your department.

As you write your essay, keep these questions in mind:

  • How much training is enough?
  • Do I need an attorney to teach this to my personnel?
  • How often should it be taught?
  • Should a department policy be updated with each new case?
  • What policy will you recommend to your chief executive (police), your warden (corrections), your commissioner (state police), your sheriff, and/or any executive role with which you must deal?
  • Do not forget to review the grading rubric.

Reference no: EM13785871

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