How much should you charge for the option

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You own a lot in Key West, Florida, that is currently unused. Similar lots have recently sold for $1,270,000. Over the past five years, the price of land in the area has increased 7 percent per year, with an annual standard deviation of 36 percent. A buyer has recently approached you and wants an option to buy the land in the next 12 months for $1,420,000. The risk-free rate of interest is 5 percent per year, compounded continuously.

How much should you charge for the option?

Reference no: EM131166176

Construct a hypothetical five year cash flow estimate

Construct a hypothetical 5 year Cash Flow estimate including depreciation and tax-related amounts. Be sure to show your detailed calculations and document at least five key

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Pill, Inc., uses straight-line depreciation. The firm faces a corporate tax rate of 34 percent and believes that the appropriate real discount rate is 7 percent. Which pain re

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Elena Diaz is 57 years old and has been widowed for 13 years.  Never remarried, she has worked full-time since her husband died-in addition to raising her two children, the

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The matter of comet ltd

Rocket Ltd. acquired the matter of Comet Ltd. for Rs. 2,70,000 payable in completely paid shares. Rocket Ltd. distributed value shares of Rs. 10 each completely paid in fulfil

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A ten-year bond, with par value equals $1000, pays 7% annually. If similar bonds are currently yielding 6%? annually, what is the market value of the bond using the semi ann

Construct a pert/cpm chart from the data

Select a program of your choice, and describe the system engineering tasks for that program (justify the tasks selected). Identify some of the key interfaces that exist.


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