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George has been in academia his entire career and wholeheartedly believes that education is the key to success. He has two daughters, Cindy and Susie. Cindy is a model who also believes in education as well as fashion. Cindy has two children, Red and Mauve, who are ages 4 and 2 today. She is also headed to the hospital at this very moment to deliver her third child, who will be named Olive. Susie is an engineer who used to play rugby in college and also believes in education. Her children, Copper and Mercury, are ages 3 and 5 today, respectively. George believes that with $100,000, a student should be able to obtain a great education, even if it is not the exact amount necessary to fund all of a student's time in college. George would like to provide each of his grandchildren with the ability to have $100,000 of purchasing power when they turn 18. Education costs are approximately $30,000 per year at private schools and about $15,000 at public schools. Education costs have been increasing at a consistent rate of 7% per year and are expected to continue, while inflation has been at a steady 3% per year. How much should he set aside today to fund his goal for his grandchildren if he can earn a rate of return of 9%?

Reference no: EM132235143

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