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Question - In 2016, Mind Corporation borrowed (long-term) $50,000, paid dividends of $28,000, issued 13,000 shares of stock for $ 50 per share, purchased land for $60,000, and received dividends of $6,000. Net income was $80,000, and depreciation for the year totaled $13,000. Accounts receivable increased by $11,000. How much should be reported as net cash provided by operating activities by the indirect method?

A - $82,000

B - $71,000

C - $711,000

D - $93,000

Reference no: EM132184635

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On January 1, 2010, the balance in Kubera co.'s Allowance for Bad Debts account was$9720. during the year, a total of $23900 of delinquent account receivable was written off


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