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I need this project to be done using matlab software.i need only the matlab code with all.Consider a point-to-point radio link between two highly directional antennas in a stationary environment. The antennas have antenna gains of 30 dB, distance attenuation is 150 dB, and the receiver has a noise figure of 7 dB. The symbol rate is 20 Msymb/s and Nyquist signaling is used. It can be assume that the radio link can be treated as an AWGN channel without fading. How much transmit power is required (disregarding power losses at transmitter and receiver ends) for a maximum BER of 10-5, when using:a. Coherently detected BPSKb. By how much must transmit power be increased to maintain the maximum BER of 10-5 if the channel is flat Rayleigh fading.

Reference no: EM13836096

What is annihilation in terms of nuclear processes

What is annihilation in terms of nuclear processes? Also, what are transuranium elements and how are they synthesized? Scientists have estimated that the earth's crust was f

Heat transfer area of the jacket required

HEAT TRANSFER PROBLEM NO 2O- The hot fluid flows through a well mixed stirred tank which is provided with a cooling jacket . the fluid in cooling jacket can also be assumed

Write the mole balance for the cstr

Show how you will plot the above data to obtain a straight line, and thus determine the reaction order (n) and reaction rate constant k. c. Plot the data on the paper provid

Determine the delta connected load impedances

Determine the delta connected load impedances if the system voltage is 440 V. With the information given, is it possible to find whether the load impedance is capacitive or

How will this affect the power level

When the fuel flow is reduced to 70% of nominal, what will be the approximate power level, discharge pressure, and shaft speed? Assume that the oxidizer pump is also reduced

Compute its all-day efficiency

A 10-kVA transformer is known to have an iron loss of 150 W and a full-load copper loss of 250 W. If the transformer has the following load cycle, compute its all-day effici

Calculate the tower height and what are the values of f

Calculate the tower height, Z, and tower diameter, D, needed so that the Z/D ratio is about 4 and at this optimum condition, what are the values of f, Tez, and air flow rate,

Introduction to petroleum engineering

Present/display a research paper with the topic Introduction to Petroleum Engineering,giving preferences to the changes that are generated through the discipline in our world


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