How much must be deposited monthly between ages 24 and 66

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You wish to retire at age 66 and at the end of each month thereafter for 30 years, to receive $5000. Assume that you begin making monthly payments into an account at age 24. You continue these payments until age 66. If the interest rate is constant at 7.5% annually, how much must you deposit monthly between ages 24 and 66?

Reference no: EM13318686

Explain whether the project is economically stable

Additional cost at the end of year 1 = $50,000. Benefit at the end of year 1 = $0. Annual benefits at the end of Years 2-10 = $20,000. Interest Rate = 7%. Conventionally B/C

Find the effective rate of return per quarter to purchaser

A $10,000 bond that matures in 20 years with interest at 8% per year payable quarterly was issued 4 years ago. If the bond is purchased now for $10,000 and held to maturity,

Explain how to estimate the long-term safety factors

A 2.0m-wide strip at a depth of 1 m in a stiff clay carries a wall load of 425 kN/m. The saturated unit weight of the caly is 20kN/m^3. TRiaixal tests give the following res

What steady-state concentration of co will be observed

A person may demonstrate observable effects on the central nervous system when exposed to carbon monoxide at a concentration of 50 ppm, may lose consciousness at a concentrati

Determine the settlements having stress

The soil properties of the clay are Cc = 0.25, Cr = 0.05, gsat = 18 kN/m 3 , for the sand gsat = 18 kN/m 3 , and the water table is 2 m below the soil surface. Determine the

Determine the magnitude of the velocity of the collar

The undeformed length of the spring is l. Knowing that the collar is released from rest at x = and neglecting friction between the collar and the horizontal rod, determine t

What is the volume of the solids in it

A frictionless piston-cylinder contains 2kg of nitrogen at 100 kPa absolute and 300 deg K. The system is compressed polyprotically at a 1.4 exponent (n) until the nitrogen rea

Find the force that is needed to produce

An aluminum 2024 T3 bar of uniform cross sectional area is subjected to a tensile force in the longitudinal direction. if the lateral surface of the bar is confined and not al


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