How much money must you put in a savings account today

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If you want to have $875 in 32 months, how much money must you put in a savings account today? Assume that the savings account pays 16% and it is compounded monthly (round to the nearest $10).

A. 630

B. $570

C. $650

D. $660

Reference no: EM13890174

Common stock of two particular firms

Your research has determined the following information about the common stock of two particular firms.  What type of risk are we considering here? Is there anything that can b

Assume particular stock has an annual standard deviation

Assume a particular stock has an annual standard deviation of 35 percent. What is the standard deviation for a three-month period? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Ent

What is meant by the equilibrium rate of interest

Using the graph below of the supply of loan able funds, SLF, and the demand for loan able funds, DLF, discuss the following:  What is meant by the equilibrium rate of interest

Net earnings- payout ratio-retained earnings will increase

Which one of the following is correct for a firm with $400,000 in net earnings, 50,000 shares, and a 30% payout ratio? A. Retained earnings will increase by $120,000. B. Each

Considering adding robotic paint sprayer to production line

New-Project Analysis: The Campbell Company is considering adding a robotic paint sprayer to its production line. The sprayer's base price is $1,111,000.00, and it would cost a

Pre-tax annual return-worthwhile to make market in t-bills

A government securities dealer needs to make a 7% pre-tax annual return on $10 million of capital employed to make it worthwhile to make a market in T-Bills. If the bid discou

Implemented to avoid liability for potential

As noted in the EEOC tutorial (located in this week's lecture), candidates for the Director of HR position of the newly merged company, ZAB, are being asked to prepare a prese

Value of this stock today based on the discounted model

ABC tutoring Consultants stock doesn't now pay dividends. Investors expect that it will begin paying a dividend of $2/share in exactly 5 years at time 5. That is, they forecas


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