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Your team has recently been appointed as Project Manager by AIPM for the delivery of the AIPM 40th Anniversary Event. As Project Manager you are required to prepare a PMP for the successful delivery of the project and secure client approval before implementation.

This PMP is your first significant project ‘deliverable' and should communicate your intentions for an effective planning and control framework to guide the successful delivery of this project.

It is expected that the Project Manager will submit and present the PMP in draft format to the client. Following client feedback the Project Manager shall make appropriate changes and resubmit the final PMP for client approval and implementation.

The objective of a successful PMP is that it clearly sets out a plan for ‘management' of the project and can be clearly communicated to the project team, the client and relevant project stakeholders. Marks will be discounted for padding or excessive detail as this would reduce the Project Manager's ability to take ownership of the PMP by the project team/stakeholders.

It will be expected that the Project Manager will use their experience to make informed, reasonable assumptions around likely project circumstances in preparing the PMP. Any assumptions made should be articulated to the client through the draft version of the PMP and feedback sought to ensure the final version clearly captures the Principals Project Requirements, which are then linked to the proposed methodology and governance framework.

Below is an extract from the original project brief to remind you of the importance of this exercise in terms of ensuring seamless planning and delivery:

Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is a National association that represents the interests of Project Management as a profession across all sectors and disciplines. Its focus is on maintaining the professional reputation of Project Management as a philosophy, provides useful information to its members, runs various training courses and upholds industry recognised accreditation standards.

In 2016 or early 2017, AIPM plans to hold the 40th Anniversary Event and does not have the in- house capacity or expertise to coordinate such an event. As the governing body for Project Management, AIPM acknowledges that this event needs to be meticulously planned and delivered to the highest standard possible.


This PMP sets out the plan for delivering the project and should, as relevant for this particular project, concisely respond to each of the key questions set out below:

1) What?
- What is the project's Background?
- What is the project's Objectives?
- What are the project's Success Criteria and how will the Achievement of the success criteria is Measured?
- What is the Scope of the project?

2) Who?
- Who fulfils the Key Project Roles?
- Who is responsible for the Project's Governance?
- Who are the Internal Resources on the project?
- Who are the External Resources on the project?
- Who are the Internal Stakeholders on the project?

- Who are the External Stakeholders on the project?
- Who will receive Project Communications?

3) How?
- How is the project being Approached?
- How will the project Risks be identified and controlled?
- How is the project being Controlled?
- How are Procurement activities being planned and who is responsible?
- How will the project be Implemented?

4) When?
- When are the Project Milestone Dates?
- When are the key Meeting Dates?
- When are Key Decisions due?

5) How Much?
- How much money is available in the Project Budget to achieve the set objectives and fulfil the success criteria?

The PMP is a Project Control Document that needs to be approved by the Client. It is also a live document and will be updated as the project progresses through the key Project Milestones. Revisions to the PMP need to be formally tracked and approved by the Client.


Ten (10) minutes has been allocated for each group to present to the assessment panel. A further five (5) minutes has been allocated to each group for questioning. At the conclusion of all presentations, brief comments will be made on the content and quality.

To assist in meeting these strict time constraints:

- Only 2 group members are required to present the key aspects of your report.
- Those who did not verbally present the draft PMP are required to be the present the final PMP.

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