How much mental or physical risk is permissible in research

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1. Why may researchers not offer potential participants large incentives (for example, a large amount of money) to participate in research?

2. In general, how much mental or physical risk is permissible in research?

3. Describe the concept of minimal risk.

Reference no: EM131323131

Estimate the expected financial impact

Suppose that the plastic gear creates additional warranty cost due higher failure rates.  The cost to the company is $50 per gear failure. Should the company still convert to

Commute distance for all california commuters

An investigator claims, with 95 percent confidence, that the interval between 10 and 16 miles includes the mean commute distance for all California commuters. To have 95 per

What is the current market value of elite’s bond

Eleven years ago, Elite Elements issued a 15-year bond with a $1,000 face value and a 5 percent coupon rate of interest (paid semiannually). If investors require a return eq

Relationship in earnings per share and the lebel of ebit

Cain Auto Supplies and Able Auto Parts are competitors in aftermarket for auto supplies. The seperate capital structures for Cain and Able are listed below;

Acme debt-equity ratio and wacc

The ACME Suction Cup company has $4,500 of debt and $10,500 of common stock equity. The total value of the company is $15,000. The company's cost of equity is 11.5 percent

Firms a and b have entered into an interest rate swap

Firms A and B have entered into an interest rate swap. On the first payment date, Firm A owes Firm B 12 percent of $10 million, and Firm B owes Firm A 14 percent of $10 millio

Final month-end cash balance

Raw Material Purchases equal 50% of the previous month's revenue. Final Month-End Cash Balance must always be minimum $5,000. You may need to borrow to maintain minimum cash b

How many assistants should he employ to achieve this

Piotr is anxious not to lose a customer and wants the average waiting time to be no longer in February than during a normal month. How many assistants should he employ to ac


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