How much is robert''s recognized gain on the sale

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Robert sold his ranch which was his principal residence during the current taxable year At the date of the sale, the ranch had an adjusted basis of 460000 and was encumbered by a mortgage of 200000 the buyer paid him 500000 in cash, agreed to take the title subject to the 200000 mortgage, and agreed to pay him 100000 with interest at 6 percent one year from the date of sale. How much is robert's recognized gain on the sale.

Reference no: EM13272789

Fred is a resident of australia for taxation purposes

HI6028 Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law - Discuss whether Fred is a resident of Australia for taxation purposes and As well as the rent on the UK property, Fred earns interest

If the firm faces a corporate tax rate

If the firm faces a corporate tax rate of 30%, compute RON Ltd's Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). Enter your answer in decimal form to FOUR decimal places. For example

Explain tax consequences if company decides not to rebuild

Explain the tax consequences if the company decides not to rebuild - Identify the tax consequences if the company distributes the $2 million to its two (2) shareholders, assu

What are the tax implications of the repayment

What are the tax implications of the repayment if Ralph was in the 35 percent tax bracket when he received the $15,000 payment from Acme, but was in the 28 percent tax brack

Capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax - In July 2011 the Labour Party put forward a proposal to have a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for New Zealand.

Discuss the effect on the assessable income of the parent

HA3042 TAXATION LAW - Discuss whether or not the three payments are income from personal exertion. Would your answer differ if she wrote the story for her own satisfaction a

Identify cash paid for income taxes

What are income taxes and income tax expense (or provision for income taxes)? In the financial statements and notes of your selected company, identify cash paid for income t

How can you justify such accounting

Yet, consistent with GAAP, it fails to accrue a liability for such leave over the period in which the leave is earned - not even in its government wide statements. How can


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