How much interest would billy have to pay

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Billy Thornton borrowed $20,000 at a rate of 7.25%, simple interest, with interest paid at the end of each month. The bank uses a 360-day year. How much interest would Billy have to pay in a 30-day month?

a. $120.83

b. $126.88

c. $133.22

d. $139.88

e. $146.87

Reference no: EM131190138

What is an appropriate forward exchange rate

Your firm is a U.S.-based exporter of toys. You have sold an order to an Italian firm for €1,000,000 worth of toys. Payment from the Italian firm (in €) is due in 1 year.

Determine the best meeting format

Determine the best meeting format. For each of the following scenarios, identify which format-face-to-face, conference call, online meeting, or videoconference-would work be

Present value of the resulting depreciation tax

A firm plans to purchase a $50,000 asset that will be depreciated straight-line over a 5-year life to a zero salvage value. What is the present value of the resulting deprec

What is the npv of the investment

It will be sold for 25,000 at the end of 5 years. Add'l inventory of 11,000 will be required for parts and maintenance of new machine. The company evaluates all projects at

Rolston music company is considering the sale

Rolston Music Company is considering the sale of a new sound board used in recording studios. The new board would sell for $25,800, and the company expects to sell 1,430

At what point did the federal reserve take action

Following u.s involvement in The Korean war and the related period of low unemployment and rising prices the federal reserve intervened to curb growth and decrease inflation

Securities earn for conducting the offering

What will be the gross proceeds from the IPO? What will be Munaro Corporation's net proceeds from the offering? How much will Jones Securities earn for conducting the offeri

What is the net operating profit after taxes

You have just obtained financial information for the past 2 years for Powell Panther Corporation. Answer the following questions. a. What is the net operating profit after tax


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