How much initial capital will be required to start business
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if you asked to write a financial outlook of a business and in it answer this question-What is the potential size of the market? How much are people willing to spend on your product/service?

What will it cost you to produce (Cost per unit)?

How much initial capital will be required to start the business? How long will it take you to break even?

If everything goes wrong, how much money will you lose?

Please make sure that you fully support the answers to these questions with reference to primary and secondary sources of information. Please note that where you are relying extensively on primary date you may be asked to provide evidence to support the data.


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The overall business situation which would be done would be that of an online e-commerce website which would be operating like major ecommerce players in the market. The greatest advantage of this website would be that it would provide tailor made products to the customer and would help them to get the customised products as per their choice. There is a requirement of understanding of the key business forms and also assurance that the overall business situation helps in proper understanding of the customer needs and also ensures that the customer satisfaction is ensured at the highest level. The business plan for this form of business would consider various aspects and the same are discussed hereunder.

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