How much does each cake contribute to paying

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Question - Krab Kakes has a selling price of $5.00 per cake, variable cost of $1.50 per cake, and total fixed costs of $3,000. In January, they sold 1,750 cakes. How much does each cake contribute to paying for fixed expenses and generating profit?





Reference no: EM132280227

Dividend declaration affect pico balance sheet

State Corporation is a 30%-owned equity investee of Pico Corporation. During 2003, State declared $50,000 in dividends to be paid in 2004. How does the dividend declaration

Common-size financial statement

A useful tool in financial statement analysis is the common-size financial statement. What does this tool enable the financial analyst to do?

Compute the desired roi per unit for m14-m16.

Compute variable cost per unit, fixed cost per unit, and total cost per unit assuming that 60,500 M14 - M16s are sold during the year. (Round answers to 2 decimal places, e.

Price currency or quote currency

Explain the difference between traditional currency symbols and ISO 4217 codes. Include a table comparing the 2 codes with the Australian dollar as the unit currency and eac

What are the tax consequences to regina and steeple corp

Assume all of the same facts as in Question (4) above, except that Chloe rents her condominium a total of 14 days in 2015. How would she report her income and deductions fro

How will each of these changes affect delta depreciation

After merging with Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines increased the estimated useful life and increased the estimated residual value of its flight equipment. All else equal, h

A state-supported college with a large business school

1. Central State College (CSC) is a state-supported college with a large business school. The business school offers an undergraduate degree and training programs for a loca

Identify the generic market positioning

Prove the financial ability of this firm to execute this vision and strategy using tools, skills, and knowledge learned in the MBA program. You must provide hard numbers to


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