How much cash will the firm net from these stock sales

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Angina, Inc., has 5 million shares outstanding. The firm is considering issuing an additional 1 million shares. After selling these shares at their $20 per share offering price and netting 95% of the sale proceeds, the firm is obligated by an earlier agreement to sell an additional 250,000 shares at 90% of the offering price. In total, how much cash will the firm net from these stock sales?

Reference no: EM131112143

How much should such an option sell for in the open market

Should the company buy a call option or a put option on gold? In order to avoid bankruptcy, what strike price and time to expiration would the company like this option to have

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2) Assume PPP is present. The inflation rate in the US is 4% and in Britain it is 11%. The spot ER between the 2 currencies is $/BP1.4. Expound on what the forward rat

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Stock-Trak is a simulation of securities investing and trading, allowing you to practice what you've learned. In this activity you will develop a portfolio made up of differ

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In the formula as follows: 2 X Annual number of payments X Interest divided by (Total number of payments + 1) X Principal 2 X Annual number of payments is the numerator

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Heavy Rain Corporation just paid a dividend of $2.99 per share, and the firm is expected to experience constant growth of 4.71% over the foreseeable future. The common stock

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(a) What would be the two year zero coupon rate and the three year zero coupon rate under the unbiased expectations hypothesis? (b) What can you say about the future interest

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Suppose Raines Umbrella Corp. paid out $67,000 in cash dividends. Is this possible? If spending on net fixed assets and net working capital was zero, and if no new stock w


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