How much are current assets what is the company quick ratio

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A firm’s balance sheet contains $320 of cash, $2,000 of fixed assets, $1,380 of accounts receivable, $780 of accounts payable, $500 of inventory, and $1,000 on a revolving line of credit.Assuming that list contains all of the company’s assets and liabilities.

How much are current assets? What is the company’s quick ratio? What is the company’s book value?

Reference no: EM131129824

What will the portfolio new beta be

You hold a diversified $100,000 portfolio consisting of 20 stocks with $5,000 invested in each. The portfolio's beta is 1.12. You plan to sell a stock with b = 0.90 and use th

How much would the reduction in assets improve the roe

Sales, costs, and net income would not be affected, and the firm would maintain the same debt ratio (but with less total debt). By how much would the reduction in assets impro

How much would the cost reduction improve the roe

Last year Ann Arbor Corp had $160,000 of assets, $305,000 of sales, $20,000 of net income, and a debt-to-total-assets ratio of 37.5%. The new CFO believes a new computer progr

Complete the income statement and balance sheet for whittake

Complete the income statement and balance sheet for Whittaker, Inc. Show how each amount was determined. After completing part a, use your answers to recompute each of the fin

Eurodollar loan of grecian tile manufacturing of athens

Grecian Tile Manufacturing of Athens, Georgia, borrows $1,500,000 at LIBOR plus a lending margin of 1.25 percent per annum on a six-month rollover basis from a London bank. If

What effect would you expect this new leverage policy

This year Andrews achieved an ROE of 5.6%. Suppose the Board of Directors of Andrews mandates that management take measures to increase financial Leverage (=Assets/Equity) nex

What is the required rate of return on the stock

The company has 2 million shares of common stock outstanding. The current stock price is $85. The historical return on equity (ROE) of 16 percent is expected to continue in th

Effect of transactions on various financial ratios

Effect of transactions on various financial ratios. Include the effect that each transaction/event listed here will have on the financial ratio listed opposite it, and provide


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